November 2008

November 2008 Block

Shoemaker's Puzzle

Tips & Hints

For November we are doing a traditional block called Shoemaker's Puzzle. It's 1260b in Barbara Brackman's book. Use a batik that contrasts with the Moda Marble Sweet Green background. You will be making TWO blocks for November.

Cutting directions for TWO blocks are below:

24 1/2" x 4 1/2"Batik Print
87" x 5"Batik Print
24 1/2" x 4 1/2"Sweet Green Moda
87" x 1 5"Sweet Green Moda

The cutting instructions above will give you pieces that are large enough to foundation piece with. I have tested the foundations and the patches sizes, so I know they work. Please remember to print from Adobe Acrobat Reader with Page Scaling set to "None". If you have an older version of Reader than version 8, you can update it by clicking on Help then check for updates. Print a set of foundations for each block. You may want to make a test block before you start on the blocks you will be swapping. Click here for the foundations and here for the template. The template is necessary, because you can't just cut the rectangles from corner to corner, or you get the wrong angle. Be sure you're placing the fabric rectangles right sides together (the batiks mayb be the same on both sides so it's not so critical for them) or you will get triangles that are all facing the same way. Two rectangles of each color per block will not be cut into triangles.

Start by placing a 5"x7" rectangle over the middle triangle, on the blank side of a foundation. The batik rectangles go over the gray triangles and the Sweet Green rectangles go over the white triangles. Electric Quilt numbered the foundations differently, but trust me, this way works better. Hold the foundation up to the light to make sure the rectangle is covering the triangle with at least 1/4" overlap. Pin rectangle to the foundation in several places. Fold the foundation on the lines of the middle triangle, using a thin piece of cardboard or thin plastic ruler. Trim the fabric 1/4" from the lines. Straighten out the foundation. Add the other patches, one at a time, sewing on the lines. Lines that will be sewed over don't need to be sewn all the way to the edge, but if it's the last line(s) of stitching, they do need to go all the way to the outside line of the foundation. Press each patch before adding the next one. I like to press first with my thumbnail. Since you already trimmed the middle triangle, you will have 1/4" seams that don't need to be trimmed again. Once each section has been pieced and pressed, trim to the outside line. The outside measurement of the foundations is 6 1/2" x 6 1/2". Join the sections together. Personally, I like to pull of the paper before I join sections, but you may prefer to leave the paper on until your block is completed. Please remove all the paper before mailing.

We are making TWO blocks for November. The blocks are 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished. Do not trim your blocks. Let the winners of the blocks trim them as necessary when they set them into a quilt top. And remember to label your blocks (sticky address label is a good method). Send your blocks to Patty. The blocks should be mailed a week before the end of the month. By now you should have sent your Priority stamp and label to Patty. Priority Mail went up another 20 cents on May 12th, so you might want to send Patty some additional postage if you have not won a set of blocks yet. If your blocks are late, you won't be in the drawing for that month and you'll cause more expense and work for Patty. Another reminder, all blocks should be made with 100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabrics that have been washed, dried and pressed. If you are having trouble finding the common Sweet Green Moda Marble background, please email Patty. This is the background fabric we're using this year, in order to have some consistency to the blocks. No other background fabric is acceptable.

If you have questions or comments, post a note on the MSN BOM Group or email Squirrel (Patty) or AzPatch (Margo).

November 2008 Quilt