July 2007

July 2007 Block

Rail Fence

Tips & Hints

For July we're doing a Rail Fence block, which is one of our "Oldies But Goodies" from June of 1998. I know everyone gets busy with vacations and all during the summer, so this will be a really quick block to do. We will be using a red print, and "shirting" print with a white or off-white background and Black Moda Marble. Shirting prints are historical reproduction prints of fabrics that were used for shirts in the 1800's. Click here and here for some examples at Little Quilts. Most quilt shops should have them in their historical fabrics section. If you are unable to find a shirting print, a white fabric with a small black print would work also.

Cutting directions for TWO blocks are below:

Cut two strips of each of the three fabrics 2 1/2" wide and the width of the fabric.

Sew a red strip to a shirting strip, matching the long sides and using a scant quarter inch seam. Press toward the red strip. Sew a black strip to the shirting strip. Press toward the black strip. This should measure 6 1/2" across. If it does not, measure your seams and adjust. This is a really good way to check your 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat for the other strips.

Square up one end of the stip set and cut as many 6 1/2" units as you can from it, checking occasionally to make sure your units are staying square. Cut your remaining units from the second strip set. You will need a total of eight units for two blocks. Join two units as shown in the first row of the block graphic. The black is at the top in the first unit and on the right in the second unit. Press toward the vertical red strip in the second unit. Join the second row with the black strip in the first unit on the left and the black strip in the second unit on the bottom. Press toward the vertical red strip in the first unit. Join the two rows together, matching seams, which should be pressed in opposite directions. It will probably be easiest to press this seam open. Repeat for the second block.

We are making TWO blocks for July. The blocks are 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" unfinished. Do not trim your blocks. Let the winners of the blocks trim them as necessary when they set them into a quilt top. And remember to label your blocks (sticky address label is a good method). Send your blocks to Patty. The blocks should be mailed a week before the end of the month. By now you should have all sent in your Priority stamp and mailing label. And remember that if you haven't won yet, Priority postage has gone up and it would be nice if you sent an additional 55 cent stamp to Patty to help with postage prices. (Can't believe that Priority went up that much but now it's the same price up to two pounds, I think.) If your blocks are late, you won't be in the drawing for that month and you'll cause more expense and work for Patty. Another reminder, all blocks should be made with 100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabrics that have been washed, dried and pressed.

If you have questions or comments, post a note on the MSN club or email Squirrel (Patty) or AzPatch (Margo).

July 2007 Quilt