June 2006

June 2006 Block

Vase of Flowers

Tips & Hints

The June block is called Basket of Flowers. The fabrics in this block are a small to meditum floral print, a coordinating tone-on-tone fabric, a blue print, a green print and Kona Snow for the background.

Cutting directions for ONE block are below:

92" x 2"floral
62" x 2"tone-on-tone
32 3/8" x 2 3/8"green
13 7/8" x 3 7/8"blue
13 7/8" x 3 7/8"Kona Snow
2use templatesKona Snow

Use the clickable link in the table above to access the templates. When you print, using Adobe Acrobat, be sure you do not have shrink to fit or expand to fit checked. The width of the template (including seam allowances) should be 3 1/2". You only need the two odd-shaped templates on the second page, but you may use all of the templates if you prefer. Cut the 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" and 3 7/8" 3 7/8" squares in half diagonally once to make triangles.

For the first row, sew three floral 2" squares and two tone-on-tone squares together, starting and ending with a floral square and alternating with the tone-on-tone squares. On the right end of the row, sew a green triangle. Use a scant 1/4" seam when sewing your block together. A scant 1/4" seam means only a thread less than 1/4". I try to piece blocks so the cross grain of the fabric goes horizontally on the block. There will be a little "give" in the sections when you're putting them together, which helps when matching seams. Press away from the floral squares. For the second row, use two floral and two tone-on-tone squares and start with a tone-on-tone square. Sew a green triangle to the right end as before. Press away from the floral squares. Sew row one to row two, matching seams. Press away from row one.

For row three, sew a tone-on-tone-square between two floral squares, with a green triangle on the right end. Press away from the floral squares. Join to row two and press seam away from row two. For row four, sew a floral and tone-on-tone square together, with the tone-on-tone square to the left and sew a green triangle on the right. Press as before. Join to row three. Press as before. For row five, sew a green triangle to the right side and then to the bottom of a floral square. Press away from the floral square. Join to row four and press away from row four. This is one half of your block - the bouquet section.

For the vase section, cut two Kona Snow pieces with the template pieces marked C and E. These pieces are mirror images of each other. Sew a Kona 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" triangle to a blue triangle of the same size to make one half-square triangle unit. Press toward the Kona triangle. Sew the Kona piece cut with the E template to the left side of the previous unit, matching the placement in the block graphic above. Press toward the Kona piece. Sew the other blue triangle to the left side of the Kona piece cut with the C template, matching the cut edges of the bottoms of these pieces. Press toward the Kona piece. Join these two sections, matching the seams. Press away from the half-square triangle unit. You will have an extra Kona triangle, which you can use for one of the other blocks, so only cut one more Kona Snow 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" square for the remaining blocks.

Join the two sections together, matching seams. Sew carefully, as this is a bias and can be easily stretched. Sew through the "X's" formed by the seams on the bouquet section, so your points are sharp and not cut off. Press toward the vase section. Repeat the instructions twice more for a total of three blocks.

Send your blocks to Patty. The blocks should be mailed a week before the end of the month. If your blocks are late, you won't be in the drawing for that month and you'll cause more expense and work for Patty.

If you have questions or comments, post a note on the MSN club or email Squirrel (Patty) or AzPatch (Margo).

June 2006 Quilt