October 2001

October 2001 Block

Amish Pinwheel

Tips & Hints

Here's the October block. We haven't done Amish colors in a while so here they are. Pick two Amish colors and a black for your block (all solids). You may use colors in the same color family but you don't have to. Choose colors that look good to you. There should be contrast between the stripes. You will be making TWO blocks for October.

For EACH block: cut from black solid - two squares 7" x 7", from the first Amish color solid - 2 strips at least 14 1/2" x 1 1/2" and 1 strip at least 14 12" x 1 3/4" (these will be cut down later, so it's important that they are long enough) and from the second Amish color solid - 2 strips at least 14 1/2" x 1 1/2" and 1 strip at least 14 12" x 1 3/4".

Starting with a 1 3/4" wide strip of one color, sew the strips together, alternating colors and ending with a 1 3/4" strip of the other color. Press seams toward the darker color. Cut the resulting unit into two squares 7" x 7". Place these squares onto the black squares with the wrong side up. Draw a line from corner to corner and sew a scant 1/4" on either side of the line. Press seam toward the black and trim to 6 1/2" 6 1/2". (This is a half-square triangle variation.)

Sew two half-square triangle units together, following the block graphic above for correct placement. Press seam toward the black. Repeat for the second row. Join the rows, being careful to match the points and seams. Press seams toward the black. This will be easier if you carefully release a stitch or two in the seam allowance. You will have a tiny pinwheel in the seam allowance in the center of the back of the block.

Remember to label your blocks with at least your name (city, state, and email address are optional) on the BACK of your block. This may be a piece of paper tacked or pinned on, a sticky label or pigma pen in the seams. Just be sure to label them in some way. This ensures that you get credit for your blocks and lets the winner know who made each block.

If you have questions or comments, post a note on the MSN club or email Squirrel (Patty) or AzPatch (Margo). You will be making TWO blocks for October. Blocks will be due to Patty by the end of October. Patty and I will be getting together to open "squishies" November 3rd so please try to get your blocks to her earlier in the week. Remember to send the blocks to Patty's post office box. Email one of us if you need the address.

If you have Electric Quilt 4, the zipped file is available for download here. I may be a little late uploading the EQ4 file and I'll try to get the June, July, August and September files done too if I get the time. (Am I getting a little behind or what?)

October 2001 Quilt