This is a scan of the block I pieced to test my instructions. (At least as much of the block as I could get on my scanner! The blocks are bigger this year, so I can only get about 2/3 of the width and not all the height.) I have resized it to fit on the webpage. Notice that the seams should meet where each row is joined to the next one. The points come together and are not cut off. There is 1/4" from the triangle points to the edges to allow for joining to other blocks or sashing without cutting off the tips.

Sewing a 1/4" seams is extremely important when piecing blocks. Learn where the guideline for the 1/4" seam is on your sewing machine is. If there is none, make one with tape. Some sewing machines have an adjustable needle position. Use this to help sew your 1/4" seam. Measure your units after you piece and press to make sure they are the right size.

Click here to see the back of the block

  February Block Front